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Welcome to the Merchant Rewards Network

the Premier Site for both the Merchant Services and Pre-Paid Debit Card Industry

About Us

Merchant Rewards Network (MRN) is the culmination of years of industry experience to bring you proprietary, branded, marketable products and solutions for both the Merchant Services and Prepaid Card industry.

Our management team has over 150 years of proven leadership and vision. Many of MRN’s created products and services are industry firsts.

Through our strategic alliances and partnerships, we have developed products, services and strategies that add significant value to any offering, existing program or portfolio. Having such a strong presence in the Merchant Services and Prepaid Card industry allows us to monetize transaction and revenues for our clients while lowering attrition and identifying new opportunities.

With the ability to combine both Merchant Services and Prepaid Card distribution, integration, creation and management, MRN has a unique ability to deliver what we believe to be an unbelievable array of new financial services, products and back-end systems that support any business, application or marketplace.

MRN provides those key missing components that separate your product or offering from those of your competitors, which include: access to immediate cash up to $250,000 per month through SalesGuard; the ability to offer closed and open loop gift and loyalty cards, payroll and general purpose cards, including custom card programs, management and processing through ProjectPrepaid; the MerchantCard which is the industry’s first and only prepaid card that manages your business finances; our proprietary MPay mobile payment system that can be integrated into any of our products or services; and the Merchant Services Industries first and only rewards program for merchants.

Whatever your vision, we can help build it, service it, integrate it, or manage it… that’s what makes us unique, that’s what makes us MRN.

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